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1. What will Atlas Entertainment offer me?

We will take the strain out of planning for your event, by doing all the ground work for your live entertainment. Good customer care and a personal service are central to our ethos – we will discuss your needs with you to make sure that your event lives up to your expectations. At Atlas Entertainment we personally pick all the acts, and can therefore recommend them as experienced and talented musicians. Only the best will do! We expect the highest standards from our bands, musically and procedurally, and value your feedback to help us maintain and improve our service to you.

2. I can’t make my mind up! How to choose?!

We try to offer a range of different musical styles for you to choose from, so you may find it helpful to start by considering what type of music you want for your event – party band, funk band, jazz, acoustic….. There’s a demo for every act on this website so you can have a taste of what they do. If you still can’t make your mind up, just give us a call on 07894 948359 and we’ll be happy to talk through the various options with you.

3. Is it possible to see the band play live before I book?

Unfortunately not – all our bands are professional musicians working full time at private functions. We realise that it’s hard to choose your musicians without seeing and hearing them first, so we have done our best to address this by providing you with demos of all performers on this site, to give you a good idea of their style and talent. Our reputation depends on only offering you high quality acts, and we are continually monitoring all our bands to make sure that they continue to maintain these standards. Check out the testimonials on this site from our satisfied customers!!

4. I’ve tried to find out more about your bands online – but I can’t find them!

Our bands work exclusively for us, and do not publicise themselves elsewhere. We provide all their marketing services. We hope you will find enough information on them here, in terms of demos, photo galleries, and testimonials to enable you to make an informed choice. Please just get in touch if there is anything else you would like to know.

5. Booking procedures

Once you’ve identified the band you’d like to book for your party, contact us so we can make the necessary arrangements with the band. We will request a deposit from you at that stage to secure your booking, via bank transfer within 7 days. We will contract out all the gig details between you and the band so that everything is put in print well in advance before your event. You will pay the remaining balance direct to the musicians on the day.

6. Why is your quote higher than it says on your website?

All prices quoted on the website are guidelines only, based on the lowest price available, as it is not possible to factor in the individual circumstances of a particular event. Details such as time of year, day of the week, and travel expenses will all need to be factored in to any specific quote.

7. What does the quote price include?

Our quote to you is fully inclusive of all costs, unless otherwise stated.

8. How do I pay?

Please pay your deposit to Atlas Entertainment by bank transfer, details will be given to you at the time of booking. The balance should be paid direct to the band by cash or cheque on the day of your event – either on their arrival, or straight after their performance.

9. After I’ve booked, can I contact the band direct?

Our service includes managing all the arrangements on the band’s behalf until 3 weeks before the event. At that point, they will contact you to confirm the details. If you feel it is particularly important that you have contact with them earlier than that, please let us know.

10. Can I make changes to the booking after I have confirmed it?

Just let us know by email of any changes you would like to make, and if we are able to accommodate the changes, we will alter the contract accordingly. Please be aware that some changes may result in an increased fee, for example, if it involves asking the band to work longer hours.

11. What is your cancellation policy?

a. If you need to cancel your entertainment then please let us know immediately. If it is more than 30 days in advance then no cancelation fee will be required. However the closure to the event date you are, then the more likely a cancelation fee will be charged. The booking fee is non refundable.

b. In exceptional and unforeseen circumstances, a band member may be unable to attend, for example due to illness. All our bands are committed to providing an alternative, equally talented and experienced musician to cover for any absences. In the unlikely event of the whole band being unable to attend, we will do our utmost to provide you with a suitable, equivalent band from our books to replace them.



12. When will the band start playing?

We usually find that it’s best if the band starts to play after all the guests have had a chance to chat for a while and catch up with each other before live music and dancing start. For an evening do this is often around 8.30, but let the band know if you’d like anything different!

13. How long is the performance?

All bands will generally play for around two hours (usually about 30 songs), divided into two or three sets, depending on your requirements. We find this works well for evening events ending around midnight. If you want your band to do more, this is negotiable for up to an extra hour or so, for an additional fee.

14. How loud will it be?

This depends on what kind of event you’re having, and which band you’re booking. If you are looking for background music, the musicians will make sure that you will still be able to talk while they play. If you want dancing, the music needs to be quite loud to get the right party atmosphere that will persuade people to hit the dance floor! Our bands will be happy to hear from you at the time if you feel the volume needs altering either up or down. It would be helpful for us to know if your chosen venue has a sound limiter installed. If your guests include elderly people and/or young children, you may want to choose one of our jazz or acoustic bands, who usually play at a lower volume than pop/rock bands. If you’re not sure, please give us a call and we can talk this through with you.

15. How long will the breaks between sets be?

It generally works well for breaks to be no longer than about half an hour, or less if there is more than one interval – we find that once the band has started, people don’t want them to stop for too long!

16. What happens in the intervals?

The band will provide recorded music similar to their own style during breaks to keep the party atmosphere going. If you want a long interval, please let us know in advance so that we can make sure the band bring enough recorded music to fill the time. If you would like to play your own choice of songs during the break, just give the band your Ipod and they will play it through their PA system for you.

17. Is there a dress code for the bands?

Each band has their own style – check out the demos and photo gallery to see how they look. Generally speaking, bands dress smartly for private functions. If you would like a particular look to complement the style of your party, let us know so we can discuss the possibilities with your chosen band.


Set List And Special Requests

18. What will the band play?

Each band has their own set list, based on the musical styles and songs that suit their sound, and on their experience of what works well at parties. They also take into account the lengths of songs, the transitions between them, and the tempo, to keep the party going with a swing. They will respond to what works well with your guests, and may make last minute changes to suit their mood. You can see a set list from each band to see what their repertoire is on their artist profile page.

19. Can I request my favourite songs?

Please let the band know if you have particular preferences from their set list – there will be more on the list than they will have time to play in one event, so make sure they know which are your favourites!

20. What if my favourite songs aren’t on their set list?

Generally our bands will be happy to learn one new song as part of their contract with you, if there is a song that is particularly special to you – as long as it fits with their style of music. It is possible that they may require an additional fee to cover the rehearsal time they would need to prepare for it, especially if they are unlikely to perform that song again – please discuss this with us during the booking process.


The venue and equipment

21. Who provides the equipment?

Sound System:

The band does – they will bring their own sound system, which generally speaking will be suitable for a venue that can accommodate around 200 guests – please let us know if yours is going to be bigger than that, so we can make sure the band’s equipment is suitable.


Many bands bring their own stage lighting, which also throws enough light on the dance floor to create a good party ambience. – if you feel your particular venue needs extra lighting beyond the stage area too, we recommend you explore the possibility of hiring this separately – your venue staff should be able to advise you. Please check your band’s profile page for specific information relating to their sound and lighting equipment, and do feel free to give us a call if you still have questions.

22. How much room does the band need?

Each band specifies this on their profile page. Generally speaking, a four piece band needs around 4 metres wide by 3 metres deep. Extra band members will need a further metre each of space.

23. Will the band need a raised stage?

No – although having the band on a stage has the biggest impact, all the band actually needs is a level area that is big enough to accommodate the band members and all their equipment.

24. What are the power requirements?

We recommend providing 5 kilowatts (5000watts) – this will be more than enough for the majority of bands. Bands will need at least 2 separate 13 amp plug sockets, and just one will do for soloists, duos and trios. They will bring extension leads with them.

25. What if there’s a sound limiter at the venue?

Quite a lot of venues use these devices to monitor and and limit the sound levels during and between live music sets. If they are set to around 92 decibels or higher, this will be OK for most bands, but it is better if they are switched off while the band is playing, and just used for interval music. If the sound limiter kicks in, it works by cutting the power off, and this can damage the equipment. Our bands will do their best to work within the sound limit requirements of the venue – it would help us to know what the decibel limit is, so that we can help you select a band that will work well at that volume.

26. Do your bands have Public Liability Insurance and Portable Appliance Testing certificates?

It is possible to request these for any of our bands, but please let us know at the time of booking so we can ensure all the paperwork is up to date and available for you to view.


On The Night

27. What do I need to provide for the band?

a. Refreshments

It is usually a long day’s/night’s work for our bands when they perform at events – by the time they have travelled to the venue, unloaded their equipment and done their sound check, they will have been away from home for many hours, and that’s before they even start the performance! We ask you to provide them with a hot meal, either after setting up, or during the interval. It’s not necessary to give them the same food as your guests, but they will need something substantial to keep them going for the rest of the evening. If they are joining in a buffet, please make sure they do not have to join in a queue with your guests, as they will also need time to eat and get ready before they start. Alternatively, if it’s not possible to provide a meal for the band, an extra fee of £10 per band member will be added to overall fee. This will need to be arranged at the time of booking. Please provide them with water/soft drinks throughout the event. Alcoholic drinks are not expected, but may well be appreciated if you offer them!! If you are having an afternoon event, and the band will be there for less than 3 hours, it is not necessary to provide a meal for them, but water/soft drinks will still be necessary.

b. Somewhere to change and get ready

A private area for eating, changing, and preparing for the performance is important. Please ensure there will be enough chairs for each band member and a mirror so that any make- up and hair can be done. If this isn’t possible, we will need to know beforehand.

28. When will they arrive at the venue?

For an evening gig, they will generally get there for around 6 o’clock. An earlier arrival time is negotiable, but the band may charge more for this. For an afternoon gig, bands will usually arrive at least three quarters of an hour before they are due to start.

29. How long does setting up take?

This depends on the venue – how near they can park, if there is far to carry their equipment and so on. As a rough guide, an hour to an hour and a half gives them the time they need to unload, set up, and do their sound check. It is important not to rush this stage – the more time the band have to prepare themselves once they are at the venue, the better your night is likely to be!

30. What if my guests are already there when the band arrives?

Don’t worry! Although it is preferable for the band to prepare themselves in an empty room they can still do it after your guests have arrived. They will do their best to get ready as discreetly as possible, but they will inevitably make some noise while they check to ensure that their equipment is set up properly for the best possible sound. If this is a concern for you, we suggest you discuss with the band when is the best time to do this (eg to avoid interrupting speeches etc, if things are already underway).

If there is anything you’re still not sure of, we’d love to hear from you! Just give us a call on07894 948359 or email info@atlasentertainment-agency.co.uk