Should you choose a male or female singer?

When choosing your live covers band, you need to make a choice between male or female singers. Some bands have the option of both, but many acts will have one front person that leads the band, and therefore you have to make a choice between one of the two.

Most people when hiring a live covers band will judge the band primarily on how much they like the singer. This is natural as you don’t need to be a professional musician to know how good a singer is. Some clients don’t have a preference and will make their decision based on how talented the signer is, regardless of their gender. Other clients will state right from the beginning that they have a preference. When speaking to an agency regarding band choices, it is completely acceptable to say whether you prefer a male or female lead – so you don’t need to beat around the bush on this topic.

If you haven’t thought about this at all, then you can think about some of your favourite artists and what you would like to hear live at your event. If you want to dance along to Whitney Houston, Jesse Glynn and Amy Winehouse then go with a female lead, or if you love The Beatles, Maroon 5 and Kings Of Leon then go with a male fronted band.

There are a huge variety of bands and singers, however there is a stereotype that certain genres of music suit certain genders better. For example a lot of clients that want a rock band will ask for a male lead. On the other side, clients that want a funk/pop band will often opt for a female lead.

This doesn’t mean that a female singer can’t perform rock songs, but it is more common for male fronted bands to play more rock songs.

In conclusion, there is no better or worse between male of female singers. If you do have a preference then that is great, but if not then speak with a booking agent and judge each live covers band on their own merit.