Do you need a Wedding Band as well as a DJ? Many engaged couples struggle when deciding on the various music options for their evening entertainment.

A live covers band will always entice a crowd more than a DJ would, but what happens when the band aren’t performing?

Most wedding bands can provide a Disco/DJ service by using an Ipod to go through their sound system in-between their live sets. Usually bands will have some prepared playlists that will get the dance floor full. You can make a few requests in advance to make sure certain songs are included in their playlists. But alternatively brides and grooms or someone from within the wedding party could also make a playlist and bring it along on the day to give to the band.

A DJ offers a more complete service for in-between the live music, as they can take requests and constantly be at the side of the dance floor to monitor the crowd.

But not all venues have enough space for a live covers band as well as a DJ, and hiring both can be far more expensive.

So in conclusion to Do you need a Wedding Band as well as a DJ?, If you have the budget and the space to hire both, then that is a good option.

But if for any reason you can’t fit both of them into the evening plans, then hire the live covers band and speak to them about song requests for their disco/DJ service.