Popular Wedding Band Songs

What Do Most Bands Play?

Live covers bands will always aim to get the dance floor full and making the right song choice is key to this. The band will want the dance floor to be busy more than anyone else and so they will naturally want to perform floor fillers that get the crowd up and dancing.

Some live covers bands will lean more towards to a certain genre or era of music. For example, male fronted guitar bands will certainly play rock music, whereas a female fronted band will perform more pop and funk music. A younger band of 20 year olds will probably have more contemporary and chart orientated song lists compared to an older band that will know more 70’s and 80’s hits.

Can I Pick The Songs For The Band

Live covers bands are always happy to get some input from clients before the gig. They will want to know the age range of the guests and if there is a certain style you are after.

Most bands will be happy to have a few requests put in, but will be reluctant to have their entire song list dictated to them. The band are the professionals and will know what works best to get the crowd going, so trust their judgement.

If there are any requests you have that the band don’t know then you have the option of putting these songs on an iPod for the disco part during the bands break between their sets.

Can I Let The Band Decide What To Play

The band will always be happy to be left to make their own decisions. Professional live covers bands will perform week in, week out and they will play what they perform best, and what has worked well at previous events.